What We Love Most About Sailing at Bruneko Yacht Charter

What We Love Most About Sailing at Bruneko Yacht Charter

Sailing is special.

Sailboats are equally for the brave, those with a sense of wanderlust and searching for a sense of belonging. Some appreciate the physical workout and its competitive nature. Others see their time at sea as a perfect escape from their hectic lives and crammed calendars. Then there are those who set sail to make new memories with the people they love.

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In this love letter to sailing, we share the main reasons that pull us back to our sailboats over and over again.

Being Part of a Sailing Community

Regardless of where you set sail in the world, you can find a close-knit community that gathers open-minded individuals passionate about the sea and all things sailing.

And with that community comes an unspoken bond, one that will step in when you need it.

Count on your fellow sailing enthusiasts for unwavering support – be it assisting you with your boat, offering valuable tips on idyllic destinations, or sharing advice to enhance your sailing escapades.

Beyond being a helpful resource, these passionate sailors make for the perfect audience to swap captivating sea-faring tales. They grasp the profound essence of sailing for extended hours and trusting in your skills (and your crew) to navigate towards your desired haven with safety and prowess.

Be a part of a Sailing Community

You might also meet new people or become a part of a close community who are passionate about this specific lifestyle.

But sailing is even more than that. It's a way to build deeper connections with the people (and even dogs) whom you already know everything about and love dearly as you embark with them at sea.

Sailing allows for ample time to get to know them better, fostering an even closer connection. As you navigate through the small space, bask in the beauty of sunsets, share meals, and swim together, you'll find abundant opportunities to bond.

Getting a Break From Everyday Stress

Every sailing boat trip offers a temporary escape from everyday stress, providing a journey where you can rejuvenate your body and soul. It's a time meant for clearing your head and leaving your worries behind, allowing you to embrace tranquillity and serenity on the open waters.

Sailing, with its requirement to focus intensely on a single task for an extended period, becomes meditative and calming, fostering a heightened sense of living in the present moment.

The physical exercise involved in sailing, especially when the wind is favourable, greatly uplifts your mood, providing an additional boost to your overall well-being.

Moreover, as you immerse yourself in the captivating views and reconnect with nature, you'll be reminded of the restorative power of spending time in green and blue spaces, positively impacting your mental health.

Exploring islands accessible only by the sea may lead to enchanting encounters, such as witnessing a playful school of dolphins joyously leaping in and out of the water near your sailing boat, adding an extra touch of wonder and delight to your sailing experiences.

Setting Sail Towards a New Adventure

Every sailing trip is a call to an adventure that challenges you and changes the core of your being. A sailboat gives you the freedom to go almost anywhere, creating opportunities for you to explore sights that many people will not see in their lifetime.

For example, sailors who start their journey at the Zadar marina and choose a Bruneko Yacht Charter get a chance to explore more than a thousand of the islands that are scattered on the Croatian coastline.

You can see some parts of Croatia, such as hidden bays and islands that can be reached only from the sea by sailboat and swimming far away from crowded beaches.

One thing that we’ve discovered in our Zadar yacht charter community is that, after decades of living in Croatia, it’s easy to forget about all the natural wonders that surround us.

Sail into tangerine sunset with Bruneko Yacht Charter Zadar

Sailing encourages us to notice it. The beauty of the turquoise sea and tangerine-coloured sunsets gets us every time.

Finding a New Perspective in Life

Many perceive sailing as a solitary activity, a journey of exploration both within and without. Enveloped by nothing but the vast sea and the soothing sound of waves, it provides you with ample time for contemplation while putting your sailing skills to the test.

Sailing is a humbling quest. On the one hand, it reminds you of your smallness in the face of nature's grandeur, yet on the other, it instils a deep sense of self-trust and confidence in your capabilities.

Amidst the vastness of the sea, you must rely on your abilities and skills to navigate your way back home safely, fostering a profound connection with your inner strengths and resourcefulness.

No matter if you're physically exhausted from long hours of intense focus or feeling apprehensive, you remain resolute in your destination and understand that you are solely responsible for safely returning yourself and your friends home.

Sailing demands collaboration with the formidable forces of wind, sea, and your equipment to achieve your goals.

Moreover, sailing serves as a poignant reminder of what truly matters in life—whether it's cherishing the bonds with friends and family or simply carving out precious moments to reconnect with yourself and find solace.

At times, we require the serenity, solitude, and tranquillity that sailing provides to reach profound conclusions about our priorities and inner aspirations.

Why Do You Love Sailing?

Sailing is an opportunity to unwind and a reminder of what matters the most — a sense of peace and belonging you can feel every time you set sail.

At Bruneko Charter, sailing is more than a sport — or even a fun and unique way to explore the picturesque Croatian islands. It’s a lifestyle that gathers a community of like-minded people and connects us together.

Curious about why so many people love sailing?

We will answer all your questions

Discover the magic for yourself by booking your own Zadar yacht charter.

Embark on an unforgettable journey aboard our sailing boats and experience the allure of sailing firsthand.

Your next thrilling sea adventure awaits – charter with us and let the voyage of a lifetime begin.

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