Guide to Pet-Friendly Yacht Chartering in Croatia; Where to Find Dog-Friendly Boat Rentals?

Guide to Pet-Friendly Yacht Chartering in Croatia; Where to Find Dog-Friendly Boat Rentals?

Does your dog feel anxious when left at home alone? Do you have a cat that is overly attached to you?

Do you want your dog to experience the iconic Zadar sunset from the yacht with the rest of the family? Or discover thousands of scattered Croatian islands and beaches that are accessible only by boat?

There’s good news. You don’t have to leave your dog (or a cat) at home. They’re more than welcome at Bruneko Yacht Charter.

Charter a boat and sail with your pet!

What should you know before your pet joins you on the Croatian yachting adventure and where to find boat rentals that allows dogs and cats?

Learn About Croatia’s Requirements for Pets

CATptain of the boat (Photo by

Before you bring your pup aboard, research whether the destination requires vaccines, quarantine time or travel documentation. Also, check regulations about how many pets you can bring into the country and whether your dog’s breed is allowed to enter.

To bring your four-legged friend to Croatia, make sure your dog:

  • Has a valid passport issued by a vet
  • Is vaccinated against rabies
  • Has a working microchip

Check the latest guidelines for importing pets into Croatia for more information.

It’s important to note that some of these requirements can’t be met at the last minute. For instance, you have to wait 21 days after your dog receives its rabies vaccination before they can travel. Be mindful of that as you plan your trip.

When offshore, remember to walk your dog on a leash. And bring a collar that has your contact information.

Pet-Friendly Beaches In Croatia

Across the Croatian coast, you’ll find many designated dog beaches. They are covered with sand and pebbles as well as equipped to your dogs’ needs. Seek them out on this map.

Generally, you’re not allowed to bring a pet on a beach that has a “Blue Flag” label since those are the beaches that meet the strict water quality and environmental criteria.

Renting a yacht puts you in a unique position. You can sail off with your dog and make a splash on remote beaches scattered around the Croatian coast.

What Should Yacht Charter Know About Your Pet?

Even if they have a pet-friendly policy, let the yacht charter company know that you’re bringing your furry best friend. Some charters have additional cleaning fees for maintenance of the yacht — make sure you ask about those beforehand.

Some information that a dog-friendly yacht charter needs to know is the size of your dog and the number of pets you plan to bring on board.

Let them know if your four-legged friend has any special needs or anything they should know about your dog’s behaviour.

For example, let’s say you hire a skipper, and your dog is afraid of men (which is common with rescue dogs). Since most of the skippers are male, this is vital information for the yacht charter agency.

Little snout posing for a photo

Help the yacht broker to match you with the best boat or yacht for your and your pet's needs. Most families that sail with dogs need a spacious deck, a yacht that is safe for pets and provides plenty of hiding places for your cat or dog.

Travel can be stressful for pets. Make sure they’re safe and comfortable on the boat.

For example, Bruneko Yach Charter’s largest yacht is 15.3 metres long and its beam is 4.49 metres wide. This means that they’re suitable for small or mid-sized dogs.

Charter Elan E6 - Contessa

Boat Etiquette For Pet-Friendly Yachts

What would charter companies want you to know before you set sail with your dog on their yacht?

Let’s start with the don'ts.

When you’re at a pet-friendly boat rental, make sure that dogs aren’t:

  • A surprise — let the charter company know beforehand
  • Pets lying wet on seats or beds — it can be challenging to remove the odour afterwards
  • Hanging out on the deck during poor weather conditions

The yacht will be a temporary home for the next person as well. It’s always good thought to take care of it as you would for your own home.

Doggo on board

Don’t forget to pack:

  • A jacket for your dog or a cat
  • Tether to secure them to the yacht
  • Collar with the tag that has your contact information
  • Any toys, bed, medication or food the pet needs
  • Cooling pads and sun-block
  • Litter box, puppy pads or fake grass
  • First aid kit for your pet
  • Sea-sickness medication (if necessary)

In short, bring anything that will make your pet feel safe and at home on the boat.

Feel free to ask us anything!

Final Word; Dog-Friendly Yachts in Croatia

Bringing a pet to a yacht requires a bit of planning, but it’s worth it — especially if you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety.

Before you pack your dog’s food, medication, toys, and bedding and embark on a voyage of their lifetime, make sure that all of the documentation and health care are attended to.

The best view of the sunset is from the bow of the boat

Where can you find pet-friendly boat rentals in Croatia?

Bruneko is a pet-friendly yacht charter in Croatia. If you ask us, dogs are family, a part of the crew. And they should see the world too.

Book a yacht and start an adventure with your sea-loving four-legged friend.

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