• 24.06.2024

Sail away: Discover the best boat rental services in Zadar

Exploring Zadar's enchanting Dalmatian Coast becomes an unforgettable experience with the right boat rental service. Among the plethora of options, Bruneko Yachting distinguishes itself by offering personalized sailing adventures with a diverse fleet to match every preference and budget. This guide highlights the importance of Zadar as a prime maritime destination and recommends Bruneko Yachting for its commitment to creating tailor-made experiences, ensuring your nautical journey is enjoyable, safe, and deeply memorable.

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  • 17.06.2024

How to book your dream yacht charter in Croatia with Bruneko Charter: a step-by-step guide

Booking a yacht charter in Croatia through Bruneko Yacht Charter offers an unforgettable journey across the Adriatic Sea, with a diverse fleet of vessels to accommodate all types of seafaring enthusiasts, including high-speed sailing yachts to luxurious cruisers and spacious catamarans. The company emphasizes personalized service and excellent customer support to ensure a seamless and luxurious sailing experience, complemented by their commitment to customer satisfaction. From selecting your destination and yacht type to embarking on your sailing vacation, Bruneko assists at every step, ensuring an unparalleled Adriatic adventure tailored to your desires.

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  • 10.06.2024

Chartering vs. renting a boat: what’s the difference?

When deciding on exploring Zadar's beautiful waters, you may wonder about the difference between boat rental and yacht charter. Renting typically involves smaller boats for shorter trips, allowing you the freedom to captain the vessel for quick excursions, even offering the option to hire a professional captain. In contrast, chartering caters to longer stays with options for bareboat, cabin, and crewed charters, each providing a varying degree of luxury, service, and freedom, making it suitable for extended sailing adventures or luxurious vacations. Deciding between renting or chartering ultimately depends on the length of your trip, desired comfort level, and boating experience.

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  • 03.06.2024

Choosing Between Elan Impression 45.1 and Elan E6

Elan Yachts features two standout models, the Elan Impression 45.1 and the Elan E6, both offering unique features for sailors with differing priorities. The Elan Impression 45.1 is revered for its blend of comfort and performance, suitable for leisure sailors and adventurers alike, with a design that balances sailing capabilities with luxurious amenities. Meanwhile, the Elan E6 caters to those seeking high-performance sailing without compromising on luxury, embodying innovation and sophistication for an exhilarating sailing experience. This comparison serves to inform prospective charterers on making an informed decision between these two esteemed models based on their specific sailing needs and desires.

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  • 26.05.2024

When is the best time to sail in Croatia?

Sailing in Croatia offers an unparalleled experience with its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and serene waters, with the best times to sail being from late April to October due to stable weather conditions and comfortable temperatures. The peak season in July and August provides sunny days perfect for swimming and water activities, while September and October offer a peaceful sailing experience with fewer tourists and pleasant weather. Additionally, choosing departure points like Zadar enhances the sailing experience by providing access to Croatia's stunning islands and natural parks, making any time between April and October ideal for sailing, depending on personal preferences for weather and crowd levels.

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  • 20.05.2024

Elan 40 Impression review: Why it’s the Sailor’s Choice in Croatia

The Elan 40 Impression stands out as a top choice for sailors in Croatia, blending design, performance, and comfort ideal for both beginners and experienced seafarers looking for a memorable sailing vacation on the Adriatic Sea. Its superior handling, stability, and spacious, luxurious accommodations with modern amenities ensure a pleasant voyage and living experience, making it not just a yacht but a floating retreat perfect for exploring Croatia's coast. Positive customer feedback underscores the Elan 40 Impression's appeal, highlighting exceptional service from charter companies and the yacht's dependability and comfort as key factors for an unparalleled sailing adventure in Croatia.

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Experience serenity and tranquility at Otočić Galevac (Školjić) – a hidden gem for the soul and body. 

📍Located near Preko, this small island is an ideal spot for a short sailing stop from Zadar or on your way back. 
📍The best things to see and do in Zadar 

Zadar, located on Croatia's Dalmatian coast, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Here are some of the best things to see and do in Zadar:

1. Stroll along the Sea Organ: Experien We have visited the Dalmatia Boat Show at Marina Baotić 🌊 

From the tiniest dinghies to luxurious yachts, and sleek motorboats to majestic sailboats and catamarans, the show boasted a spectacular array of vessels, catering to every nautical 💥 𝟮 𝗫 𝗕𝗥𝗔𝗡𝗗 𝗡𝗘𝗪 𝗬𝗔𝗖𝗛𝗧𝗦 ⛵

BAVARIA C38 | Euphoria & Windchaser

❤️ Save it for your next sailing ad 🌊⚓️ Setting Sail into the Season ⚓️🌊

The season is slowly unfurling, and what better way to kick it off than with some skipper training! 🚢⛵

There's something incredibly empowering about mastering