Sailboat vs Motorboat: What to Choose For Your Yacht Charter in Croatia

Sailboat vs Motorboat: What to Choose For Your Yacht Charter in Croatia

Are you more of a sailboat or a motorboat type of person? That is what you'll discover today with us at Bruneko Charter.

Do you feel the call of the sea, and does it make you ready to sail? Well, you're not alone because sailing the high seas is an ancient art form dating back thousands of years.

Travelling by water, as if by magic, slows you right down to a pace that is perfectly suited to the rhythms of coastal and island life – and there is nowhere better to experience it than in Croatia.

With around 1,778km of coastline, the Adriatic is adorned with no less than 1185 islands.

Dubbed the new Riviera, Greece, and Tuscany, cruising Croatia's shores is undoubtedly on many people's bucket lists.

But the question remains, do you want to experience this go-to destination zipping around from one hot spot to another?

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Alternatively, would you like to slowly explore this magnificent coastline, finding hidden coves and bays to call your own for the day?

Let's dive straight in and find out.

Motorboat vs Sailboat: Finding the Right Fit For You

Which is More Convenient: Sailboat or Motorboat?

Antares 9 OB “Queen Korina” in front of Zadar, Croatia

This all depends on what you define by convenient. Would you like to get somewhere faster? If so, you need to know that, in general, sailboats tap out at around 8 knots, whereas many motorboats can reach 15-20 knots without any issues.

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In terms of convenience, motorboats don't rely on something as unpredictable as the wind. They have shallow drafts allowing them to dock in shallow waters, affording you closer access to your favourite beach.

The noise factor can be inconvenient on a motorboat, compared to a sailboat, especially for the person at the helm. If you want to stay social, a sailboat affords you the luxury of listening to the lapping waves, the wind, and the snap of sails on your journey into paradise.

Which is More Cost Efficient: Sailboat or Motorboat?

Bruneko Charter Team sailing on Elan Impression 40 “Aqua Jana"

Fuel prices, as we know, have spiked recently – and not favourably. Motorboats, while quick to get you where you want to go, are also that much more expensive to run. On the other hand, sailboats have smaller engines which don't get used as often.

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Beyond that, sailboats are an environmentally friendly choice in that they rely on wind power, making it the greener way to travel. Then again, the motorboat industry has made considerable strides in terms of environmental protection, so the gap is slowly narrowing.

Which is More Spacious: Sailboat or Motorboat?

When renting out a boat for charter in Croatia, you will find that both motorboat and sailboat options will give you entirely enough room for comfortable cruising and life onboard.

In saying that, motorboats have a slight edge here as there is no sail or rig to occupy most of the area on deck.

Which is Safer: Sailboat or Motorboat?

Statistically speaking, safety prefers sailboats over motorboats. However, there are also many more motorboats out on sea than there are sailboats, meaning they're more likely to cause accidents. Following specific safety protocols will ensure this doesn't happen to you.

In terms of safety, the speed factor is the motorboat's biggest downfall. By contrast, sailboats have a deeper draft and heel and superior handling in choppy seas.

Sailboats have superior handling in choppy seas

Which Requires Less Training: Sailboat or Motorboat?

You can operate a motorboat much easier than you can a sailboat. You basically need to start the engine, steer the boat, keep an eye on the speed, and know the rules at sea.

On a sailboat, you need to know about:

  • How to use the equipment onboard
  • Wind power
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • Tides

The boom and lines can present a safety issue if you don't know how to use them. Then again, if you want to enjoy a sailboat adventure without having years of experience, you can always hire a skipper and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Motorboat Balt 918 Titanium "Wanderer" underway

Which is More Adventurous: Sailboat or Motorboat?

Have a need for speed? Then the motorboat is your type of vessel. Despite being more daring, motorboats have nothing on sailboats when it comes to having an outright adventure.

Think about it.

You need to map out your course depending on the tides and weather in order to ensure the perfect voyage. It involves constantly adjusting the sails and you’re steering and sometimes even changing your plans due to the weather conditions. With a sailboat, you're only limited by your determination and your imagination.

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Sailboat vs Motorboat: What Floats Your Boat?

Escape on the best sailing vacation with Elan 45.1 and friendly Bruneko Team Support!

When it comes to choosing between the two, those people that opt for motorboats are generally considered to enjoy the destination, while sailboat lovers live for the journey itself. Whatever you prefer, there is no right or wrong answer.

The simple truth is we live in a chaotic time where daily routines are inescapably faster. Yet, the Adriatic coastline is blessed with many coves and beaches that can only be reached by boat, slowing your momentum entirely and bringing you closer to nature's greatest gifts.

This priceless experience intensifies the feeling of being far away from the world and its noise.

Are you ready to soak up the silence as the dark night descends whilst being lulled into a sleepy slumber?

Get in touch with Bruneko Yacht Charter team for further details and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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BAVARIA C38 | Euphoria & Windchaser

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There's something incredibly empowering about mastering the waves, learning to navigate the t 🌊⛵ Good memories and exciting times on the horizon! 🌟

As we kick off the 20th Jubilee Regata Jabuka, we want to send our best wishes to all the participating teams. 🤞⛵ May the wind be at your backs and the waves in your favor!

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