Zadar Classic - 7 Days

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Day 1

Zadar - Muline/Pavlešina Bay

We head northwest. After the initial nervousness around the start, sail towards the first bathing destination Muline or Pavlešina Bay on the island of Ugljan is perfect for a stop. For dinner, we would recommend Konoba Dido Šime in Muline.

If you will stay the first night in Marina. Use the late afternoon and evening to visit Zadar's sights (Sea Organ, museums, St. Donat, view from the bell tower…)

Restaurants such as Bruscheta, Pet bunara, Kornat, or Foša will surely brighten up your evening.

Enjoy, a well-deserved vacation has begun

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Day 2

Muline/Pavlešina Bay – Saharun/Pantera Bay

Head to one of the most beautiful bays in the middle Adriatic - Saharun (or Sakarun). If the forecast is Jugo, do not go to Saharun, but choose Pantera Bay.

If you’re a fan of scuba diving don’t miss a stop at Michel’s bearded wreck.

In both bays (Saharun and Pantera) there are mooring buoys and you will have a quiet and safe night (buoy is charged).

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Day 3

Saharun/Pantera Bay – Brbinj - Sali

The goal of today's navigation is the place Sali on Dugi Otok. Dugi Otok is the longest island in the Adriatic and today you will understand that the name is justified.

After morning coffee, we travel to the bay Brbinj on Dugi Otok. This well-protected bay has the same name as the village next to it.

If you use a buoy, do not be surprised when you see that an icon going to the mainland is attached to the buoy. His usage is to calm the boat and avoid contact with the neighbor’s boat. Deeper in the bay, next to a small pier behind the moorings is a small restaurant.

After the break, we continue towards Sali, the port which is equipped with moorings, electricity, water, and showers is specific in that you will receive two bills. (Don't worry it's not a scam but a legal mess )

Fill the boat stock in the shop because you are spending the next day in the Telaščica Nature Park and the Kornati National Park, where the offer in the shops is very small and very expensive.

If you do not like the weather conditions for sailing, from Sali it is possible to go on car trips around the long island with one of several agencies.

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Day 4

Sali – Telaščica (Lake Mir) – Kornati

We leave the Hall and head towards the Telaščica Nature Park. Apart from the greenery rich in nature, Telascica Bay also boasts Lake Mir.

This is a popular destination for excursion boats from the Zadar and Šibenik archipelagos, so I recommend that you dock at the pier or moor on a buoy before 10 am, because after that a lot of people come and it loses its natural beauty and charm.

If you decide to take a walk towards the lake, don't forget to go to the lookout point from where the view of the Kornati islands shoots.

Before descending to the Kornati archipelago, it is worth visiting the outside of Telaščica by boat and enjoying the cliffs.

We are heading south, Kornati, a paradise for sailors is in front of you.

At 320 km2 in front of you, there are countless bays, islets, and opportunities for beautiful sailing or enjoying swimming, walking, or diving.

Taverns offer fresh fish and a piece of the Mediterranean as it once was (everything they offer you on the Kornati islands, except fish, was brought to the island, so do not be surprised by slightly higher prices in restaurants)

Given the number of islands, bays, taverns, and marinas, I leave the decision on the place to sleep entirely to you.

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Day 5

Kornati – Šibenik – Skradin(Krka)

From the raw Kornati stone, we go towards Skradin. A small town from a fairy tale on the river is today's goal.

We leave the Kornati and sail towards the town of Šibenik. After leaving the Kornati archipelago, a slightly stronger wind is possible, these are the charms of the Murter Sea.

Today's navigation is a bit longer because, in addition to crossing the Murter Sea, we also pass through one of the most beautiful approaches to the city in the Mediterranean - St. Ante. Then we come to the city of Sibenik.

It has 3 fortresses and a cathedral under the protection of UNESCO, in addition, there are several good restaurants, a city worth visiting. From Šibenik to Skradin we are separated by another hour and a half of navigation.

Traveling by river with a sailboat is always interesting. When passing under the Šibenik bridge (33met) do not be surprised if someone jumps off the bridge- it is a bungee jump, And the jumper will not fall on your deck!)

If on the way to Skradin you want to sail on Prokljansko Lake, do not get too far from the waterway because the lake is not very deep.

After the second passage under the bridge in front of you is Skradin.

The first choice for an overnight stay is ACI Skradin, then the city port of Skradin (which has good mooring, electricity, water but no good toilet)

Or stay on one of the buoys near the marina

Skradin is a place where blue and green Croatian fish and meat meet. There are several small and good restaurants in the town. After such a long day, you deserve a top-notch dinner, with good taste.

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Day 6

Skradin(Krka) – Borovnjaci – Murter/Žminjak

You can experience the morning trip to the Krka National Park and waterfalls in several ways

  • Departure by excursion boat (Your boat cannot and must not go to the park)
  • Bike tour of the park (possibility of bicycle rental next to the square)
  • On foot

After visiting the park, we descend back to the sea through Krk. While sailing downstream, consider stopping at one of the shellfish farms and getting groceries for today's lunch/dinner.

We sail towards the islands of Borovnjaci (between the islands of Kakanj and Kaprije), a place for refreshments and lunch (If it seems too far to you, stop in the bay of Tijaštica on the island of Tijat).

Today we will end with a cruise along the island of Murter. As a place to spend the night, you can choose from several options.

  • Murter (marina Hramina or Betina, two beautiful places with good gastronomic offers)
  • The islet of Žminjak with a restaurant
  • The island of Vrgada (Kranje bay in the south or anchorage in the north)
  • Biograd na Moru (marina in a small tourist town)
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Day 7

Murter/Žimnjak – Galešnjak - Zadar

Zadar and Bruneko bases are today's goal.

We pass the Biograd gate, one of the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic. There is almost always a wind base, so sailing is interesting, skipper, in the passage of the sea current, can be more pronounced, so your boat is either a little faster or a little slower than usual.

Among the islands among you, the most famous is Galešnjak, a heart-shaped island. If you stop there for a swim, don't be surprised by a slightly stronger current and colder sea.

It is probably crowded in front of you because many boats are returning to the marina Dalmacija (Sukošan-Bibinje), do not worry your goal is a little further

In front of you is Zadar, a 3000-year-old city waiting for you to discover some more of its secrets. Before Zadar, we reveal another secret to you - stop in the port of Gaženica at the Crodux gas station and avoid waiting in front of the Tankerkomerc marina.

Sail towards our base, the port of Foša, the Old Town, the sea organ, greetings to the sun…. And you arrived, at the port of Zadar and in the most protected part, the marina Tankerkomerc and our base.

Check out is fast over, Skipper, bravo good job, another week is behind you.

Enjoy your dinner!!!