Sailing Zadar Classic Route from Zadar, Croatia - 7 Day Journey

Day 1: Zadar - Muline / Pavlešina Bay

If you choose to spend your first night in the Marina, take advantage of the late afternoon to explore the enchanting Zadar Old Town. A leisurely stroll through its charming streets offers a chance to marvel at key landmarks, including The Sea Organ, Greeting to the Sun, Church of St. Donat,… and museums such as the Museum of Ancient Glass, Museum of Illusions, Captain's Tower and more. Cap off your evening with a delightful Mediterranean dinner at esteemed restaurants such as Proto, Giardin, Bruschetta, Pet bunara, Kornat, or Foša.

Alternatively, if you prefer to embark on your journey immediately, we suggest a brief boat ride to a nearby place for overnight stay such as Muline or Pavlešina Bay on the island of Ugljan. For dinner, we recommend Konoba Dido Šime in Muline. Enjoy, a well-deserved vacation has begun!

To ensure smooth preparation for the upcoming days, we highly recommend securing an online ticket for NP Kornati in advance at For easier booking, each boat has a unique code that contains all necessary boat info, conveniently accessible in your boarding pass or boat documents book. Additionally, please be mindful to have cash on hand, as cashless payments are not accepted on the Kornati islands.

Day 1: Zadar - Muline / Pavlešina Bay

Day 2: Muline / Pavlešina Bay - Saharun / Pantera Bay

After your morning coffee, embark on a journey towards the enchanting Saharun (Sakarun) Bay, celebrated as one of the most beautiful bays in the middle Adriatic. This idyllic spot is renowned for its pristine white sand and crystal-clear sea, surrounded by pine trees that offer refreshing shade in the summer. Two catering facilities on the beach provide relief from the summer heat and offer light snacks.

While making your way to Saharun Bay, you'll come across the captivating sight of a sunken boat named Michelle  - an intriguing dive site with the remains of an Italian merchant ship that ran aground around 1983. Exercise caution while anchoring due to slightly stronger currents.

Upon reaching Saharun Bay, secure your boat to a buoy for a tranquil night on the serene waters. In the event of a south wind, consider Pantera Bay as an alternative haven for the night.

Day 2: Muline / Pavlešina Bay - Saharun / Pantera Bay

Day 3: Saharun / Pantera Bay - Brbinj - Sali

After a serene night in Saharun or Pantera Bay, set sail for Brbinj Bay on Dugi Otok, the longest island in the Adriatic. Today, you'll fully grasp why it's rightfully called the Long Island.

Brbinj Bay, nestled alongside the village of the same name, provides a well-protected harbor. If you choose to use a buoy, don't be surprised to see an icon going to the mainland attached to it. Its purpose is to calm the boat and prevent contact with neighboring vessels. Further into the bay, near a small pier behind the moorings, you'll find a charming small restaurant.

As the day continues, make your way to Sali, where the local restaurants beckon with delightful seafood. Ensure you savor a drink or two at Maritimo, the bar of all sailors. The port is well-equipped with moorings, electricity, water, and showers. A friendly heads-up: In Sali, you might receive two separate bills for mooring, but rest assured, it's not a scam, it’s a bureaucratic mess!

While in Sali, stock up on supplies from the local shop, as you'll be spending the next day in the Telašćica Nature Park and the Kornati National Park, where the options in the shops are limited and prices tend to be higher.

If the weather conditions for sailing are unfavorable, consider exploring the long island on a car trip with one of several available agencies.

Day 3: Saharun / Pantera Bay - Brbinj - Sali

Day 4: Sali - Telašćica (Lake Mir) - Kornati

Leaving Sali, we head towards the Telašćica Nature Park, known for its lush greenery and the enchanting Lake Mir. To fully appreciate its natural beauty and charm, it's advisable to dock at the pier or moor on a buoy before 10:00, as the place tends to get crowded later in the day due to excursion boats.

While in the park, take a stroll towards Lake Mir and don't miss the lookout point offering a breathtaking view of the Kornati islands. Before venturing into the Kornati archipelago, explore the outer parts of Telašćica by boat, marveling at the impressive cliffs.

Heading south, the Kornati archipelago, a sailor's paradise, unfolds before you. Covering 320 km2, it offers numerous bays, islets, and opportunities for sailing, swimming, walking, or diving.

With an abundance of islands, bays, taverns, and marinas, the choice of where to spend the night is entirely yours.

Day 4: Sali - Telašćica (Lake Mir) - Kornati

Day 5: Kornati - Šibenik - Skradin (Krka)

Leaving the raw Kornati stone, we sail over the Murter Sea where the winds may pick up a little  - embrace the experience, you're on a boat!

Today's route takes us to Šibenik, where the passage through the channel of St. Anthony awaits, renowned as one of the most beautiful sea approaches in the Mediterranean.

Šibenik, situated at the confluence of the Krka River and the Adriatic Sea, is a city adorned with fortresses and a captivating cathedral. Its charming alleys provide an ideal setting for leisurely walks. Take a few hours to dock on the Šibenik waterfront, known as Šibenska Riva.

After exploring the treasures of Šibenik, venture into the Krka River canyon and brace yourself for a scenic two-and-a-half-hour journey to reach Skradin. While in Lake Prokljan, we suggest a short break to dive into the murky water. Experience the unique sensation as salty sea water and fresh river water intermingle. Due to the difference in density, two layers form  - a surface of cold and sweet water, and at a depth of 2-3 meters, warm and salty sea water prevails.

If you choose to sail on the lake, please stay close to the waterway, as the lake isn't very deep.

Upon reaching Skradin, consider one of these options for overnight stay:

  • ACI Marina Skradin - a marina equipped with all the benefits of ACI marinas.
  • City Port of Skradin - a berth within the city, although without toilet facilities. The city of Skradin boasts several restaurants and bars.
  • Uvala and Restaurant Vidrovača - a berth on the restaurant's pontoon with the option of transportation to the city.
Day 5: Kornati - Šibenik - Skradin (Krka)

Day 6: Skradin (NP Krka) - Borovnjaci - Murter / Žminjak

Skradin serves as the gateway to the Krka National Park, offering various modes of exploration, including organized boat tours (please note that our boat cannot and must not go to the park), walking, or cycling. Due to the park's popularity, we recommend embarking on a first boat tour (around 08:00) or during lunch to avoid crowds. The park is renowned for its stunning waterfalls, creating a picturesque natural spectacle.

Following our inland adventure, we return to the sea, cruising towards Šibenik. En route, consider a stop at one of the shellfish farms to procure fresh shellfish for a delightful onboard lunch. You can also take a break at the fortress of St. Nicholas in the channel of St. Anthony.

Continue sailing toward the islands of Borovnjaci (between Kakan and Kaprije), a perfect spot for refreshments and lunch. If the distance seems too far, make a pitstop at the bay of Tijaštica on the island of Tijat.

Conclude the day with a cruise along the island of Murter, where you have several options for an overnight stay:

  • Murter - choose between marina Hramina or Betina, both beautiful places with excellent gastronomic offerings.
  • Islet of Žminjak  - offers a restaurant for dining.
  • Island of Vrgada  - consider Kranje Bay in the south or anchorage in the north.
  • Biograd na Moru  - marina in a charming tourist town.
Day 6: Skradin (NP Krka) - Borovnjaci - Murter / Žminjak

Day 7: Murter / Žminjak - Galešnjak - Zadar

As you sail through the Biograd Gate on your return journey to the base in Zadar, anticipate favorable winds for an engaging sailing experience. Skipper, be mindful of potential sea currents, which might be slightly stronger than usual, affecting your boat's speed.

Amidst the islands, the renowned Galešnjak, a heart-shaped "island of love," stands out. If you decide to pause for a refreshing swim, expect a slightly stronger current and cooler sea.

It is probably a little crowded in front of you because many boats are returning to the marina Dalmacija (Sukošan-Bibinje), but do not worry, your goal is a little further. As you approach Zadar, a city with rich history, waiting for you to discover some more of its secrets, we reveal another secret to you - make a stop at the Crodux gas station in the port of Gaženica to refuel and avoid potential wait times in front of our marina!

Sail towards our base passing by the port of Foša, the Old Town, the Sea Organ, and the Greeting to the Sun. You've made it! Our dedicated staff awaits your arrival on the pier, prepared to assist with the boat handover.

Bravo, Skipper! Another week is behind you, with the last maneuver completed. It's time to unwind with something cold to drink and enjoy a well-deserved dinner in the city. Cheers to a successful journey!

Day 7: Murter / Žminjak - Galešnjak - Zadar
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