Sailing North Route from Zadar, Croatia - 7 Day Journey

Day 1: Zadar - Otok Galevac

If you choose to spend your first night in the Marina, take advantage of the late afternoon to explore the enchanting Zadar Old Town. A leisurely stroll through its charming streets offers a chance to marvel at key landmarks, including The Sea Organ, Greeting to the Sun, Church of St. Donat,… and museums such as the Museum of Ancient Glass, Museum of Illusions, Captain's Tower and more. Cap off your evening with a delightful Mediterranean dinner at esteemed restaurants such as Proto, Giardin, Bruschetta, Pet bunara, Kornat, or Foša.

Alternatively, if you prefer to embark on your journey immediately, we suggest a brief boat ride to a nearby place for overnight stay such as Otok Galevac, Preko, or Poljana.

Day 1: Zadar - Otok Galevac

Day 2: Otok Galevac - Pavleština / Saharun Bay

Following your morning coffee, set course to the northwest. After a little over an hour, make a stop in the picturesque Pavlešina Bay, situated near the town of Muline.

Enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of this beautiful bay before resuming your maritime adventure. Sail towards the breathtaking Saharun (Sakarun) Bay. Along the way, you'll encounter the intriguing sight of a sunken boat named Michelle—a fascinating dive spot for enthusiasts. Exercise caution when anchoring due to slightly stronger currents. Once you reach Saharun Bay, secure your boat to a buoy for a peaceful night on the tranquil waters.

In the event of a south wind, consider Pantera Bay as an alternative place to spend the night.

Day 2: Otok Galevac  - Pavleština / Saharun Bay

Day 3: Pavleština / Saharun Bay - Premuda / Krijal

After a restful night on the buoy in Saharun Bay, it's time to embark on new adventures as we set our course toward the captivating island of Premuda. As an outer island, Premuda boasts abundant marine life, making it a haven for fishing enthusiasts. Additionally, it is renowned for its stunning underwater cave known as the "cathedral."

As you approach the island, consider taking a break and enjoying a swim. Choose between the serene bay of Premuda or the waters in front of the port of Krijal to secure your boat to a buoy and revel in the beauty that surrounds you.

Day 3: Pavleština / Saharun Bay  - Premuda / Krijal

Day 4: Premuda / Krijal - Susak / Mali Lošinj

On the fourth day of your journey, set sail toward the island of Susak, known for its shallow sandy bays. Explore the inviting Dragoca and Bok bays, perfect for a refreshing swim and a lunch on board. We recommend taking a stroll around the island and visiting scenic lighthouse atop.

Continue towards Mali Lošinj. En route, you'll encounter numerous picturesque bays. If well-supplied, consider anchoring for the night.

Alternatively, if your crew craves the amenities of a marina, including shower, restaurants, and other "civilization" comforts, both the marina and the town of Mali Lošinj are within close reach. While in town, make sure to visit the museum where the impressive statue of Apoxyomenos is exhibited. Additionally, take a stroll along the port where the timeless beauty of the traditional sailing ship Nerezinac adds to the maritime charm.

Day 4: Premuda / Krijal  - Susak / Mali Lošinj

Day 5: Susak / Mali Lošinj – Cres / Rab

On this particular day, an early start is imperative. The Privlaka bridge, which separates the two parts of the island of Lošinj, measuring about 80 meters in length and 8 meters in width, opens daily at 9:00 (and 18:00). Maintain fenders down while navigating the canal, as it is relatively narrow, and currents can be unpredictable.

Following the exhilarating passage through the canal, set course for the island of Cres and Punta Križa. Seek out your own piece of paradise in one of the numerous secluded backwaters of this bay and relish the tranquility.

Alternatively, explore the town of Rab, characterized by its four bell towers and surrounded by a rampart, stands as one of Croatia's jewels and is well worth a visit. ACI Marina Rab offers a secure haven for the night, with numerous restaurants and a scenic promenade ensuring a relaxing evening.

Day 5: Susak / Mali Lošinj – Cres / Rab

Day 6: Cres / Rab - Silba

As we begin our journey back south, our next destination is the enchanting island of Silba. Brace yourself for the longest navigation this week, covering 25 nautical miles to reach the port of Silba.

Upon reaching the island, your lodging options extend beyond the town (port) to the serene bay of Sv. Ante. The island is adorned with a wooded interior, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear blue sea. Notably, the Toreta tower, standing tall in the island's center, known as a monument of love, adds a particularly beautiful touch to the landscape.

Day 6: Cres / Rab  - Silba

Day 7: Silba - Molat - Zadar

Leaving Silba behind, our next destination is the island of Molat and the serene bay of Jaz. In this beautiful bay, a dinghy pier awaits, providing easy access to the trail leading to Molat—an approximate 10-minute stroll.

With just 16 nautical miles remaining for our return to Zadar, the island of Ugljan offers a couple of inviting small bays for a brief stop, perfect for a refreshing swim. Explore options like Mostir, Ćinta, and Frnaža.

As you approach our base, take the opportunity to refuel. Our dedicated staff awaits your arrival on the pier, ready to assist with the boat handover. Bravo, Skipper! Another week is behind you, with the last maneuver completed. It's time to unwind with something cold to drink and enjoy a well-deserved dinner in the city. Cheers to a successful journey!

Day 7: Silba - Molat - Zadar
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