Elan Impression 40 Versus Elan 40.1 - Which Sailing Yacht to Book?

Elan Impression 40 Versus Elan 40.1 - Which Sailing Yacht to Book?

Looking for a yacht for your next adventure on the turquoise Adriatic Sea?

Elan Impression 40 is a sailing yacht with a modern and spacious interior and exterior. For families and sailing enthusiasts, this sturdy and safe yacht has been the forerunning choice for years.

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Both yachts are designed for curious explorers and families who seek convenience and comfort while sailing with a crew of up to eight people.

In 2020, two years after releasing Elan Impression 40, the Elan Yacht company enrolled on the new and improved model called Elan 40.1.

How does the new model, Elan Impression 40.1, compare to its predecessor Elan Impression 40?

Main Yacht Specifications

The table below compares the key specifications of two sailing yachts, Elan Impression 40 and Elan Impression 40.1.

Sailing Yacht Elan Impression 40 Elan Impression 40.1
Length 11.9 m 11.9 m
Beam 3.91 m 3.91 m
Draft 1.8 m 1.8 m
Fuel tank 170 litres 140 litres
Water tank 500 litres 520 litres
Elan 40 and 40.1 layout

While the size of the yachts remains the same, the main difference is in their fuel and water tank capacity.

With a larger fuel tank, Elan Impression 40 is more suitable for longer-distance voyages.

Elan Impression 40.1, on the other hand, has a slightly larger water tank, ideal for a crew that has more people. Take into consideration that, on average, you need at least 75 liters of water per person while sailing.

Perfect For the Company of Six

Saloon in Elan Impression 40 – “Stardust"

Both Elan 40 and 40.1 have eight berths and three cabins — ideal for accommodating a crew of 6 people.

On the large deck and within the spacious interior that lets in a lot of natural light, you’ll uncover a lot of space to sit, relax, and spruce yourself up.

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On the transom seats situated on the deck and wooden and cushioned seated interior, the crew has plenty of places to lounge or sit as they observe the calming Adriatic Sea and hidden Croatian islands.

In the cabins, you’ll find two toilets and showers that are waiting for the crew to freshen up.

Equipped Inside Out

Both yachts have all the standard safety gear and navigation tools that you need on your journey. Also, you’ll find everything you need to get some rest, fuel your body, and freshen up while sailing along the glorious Croatian coast.

The safety equipment you’ll find on both yachts include:

  • Torch
  • Fire axe
  • VHF radio
  • First aid kit
  • Floating light
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Distress flare box
  • Horseshoe lifebuoy
  • Inflatable life jackets

These yachts are also equipped with identical essential nautical tools you’ll need to navigate and steer the shop in the right direction — such as a compass, Windex, electronic sea charts, binoculars, navigation set, and more.

Skipper desk and saloon in Elan Impression 40.1 “Baby Shark”

When you work up an appetite, grab a bite to eat with the crew in the galley that is equipped for all your culinary needs — from an oven, refrigerator and freezer to gas cooker and necessary kitchen utensils.

This is where another key difference between these two yachts appears. The new model has additional two storage boxes — perfect for a grill or a mini fridge.

Bruneko’s Elan 40.1, Baby Shark has a cockpit grill and a fridge placed on the deck, conveniently for those who want to organize a barbeque outside.

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As for the bonus equipment, Elan 40 has a Flexofold propeller — the special kind of folding propeller that makes for more efficient, faster, and agile sailing.F

Final Thoughts

Should you choose the Elan Impression 40 or Elan Impression 40.1 to explore thousands of Croatian islands?

Did Elan Impression 40 walk so that Elan Impression 40.1 could run (more smoothly)? And what does Elan Impression 40.1 have that Elan Impression 40 doesn’t?

Got Questions? Ask Bruneko Team!

To recap: Besides the slightly larger fuel tank capacity and grill plus the mini fridge at the deck, the differences are not significant.

Elan Impression 40 "Dos Bandidos"

Elan 40 doesn’t fall far from the tree from which the new Elan 40.1 was made. We’re talking about a yacht that is the same size as its successor and has all the necessary equipment for smooth and safe sailing.

From dedicated space for sleep, rest and entertainment to all the safety, kitchen, and navigational tools, the Elan 40 has all you need for comfortable and seamless travel.

Elan Impression 40 is a fully equipped, safe yacht with a larger water tank.

Therefore, even if you choose the slightly older model, you’re not missing out. In fact, you’re in for quite a voyage. You’re still ashore, but would rather sail away to the beautiful Croatian sunset?

Book a yacht that’ll get you there.

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