Best Nauti Christmas Gifts for Sailors

Best Nauti Christmas Gifts for Sailors

Deck the hulls with boughs of holly.

Well, it’s official – the silly season is just around the corner.

And Christmas is the season of giving. So, to show some love to your favourite sailing enthusiast this festive season, it makes sense to head out to a nautical store.

However, buying a gift for a sailor can be overwhelming – especially if you don't sail yourself or the person already has every gadget imaginable.

Should you give them a cool sailing antique, they can display in the office or go with more practical gifts such as essential cruising gear? What makes a great Christmas gift for a sailor in a sea of handy equipment?

We've selected fool-proof gifts that will put a smile on any sailor's face on a Christmas morning.



Let's go Nauti Christmas shopping.

Best Christmas Gifts for Sailors

A Good Sailing Knife

The well-crafted sailing knife is essential. A knife is helpful on the deck for cutting ropes, repairs, cheese, and fish when your sailor works up an appetite or even opening up beers.

This piece of equipment is arguably the most important one, but also the one that is most likely to go diving below the surface. 

Leatherman knives. Photo by

Therefore, a great knife is our top pick for both experienced and new sailors.

But which knife to choose?

You can't go wrong with compact and practical multitools such as the Leatherman Wave®+ that feature both a sharp cutting blade, wire stripper, and serrated knife.

To make it even more special why not personalise the knife? Engrave the handle with the sailor's name, important dates, coordinates, or the name of their boat.

Must-Have Waterproof Gear

Some of the best sailing is experienced during the cooler months, so it's essential to remain warm in a cool breeze. Waterproof gear that keeps the sailor dry and toasty includes:

What to wear for sailing? Photo by @@Musto
  • Socks to keep the feet dry
  • Gloves for rope handling
  • Hat/Cap secured with adjustable strap
  • Jacket in case of foul weather

Let's not forget about the waterproof gear:

  • Phone cases to protect the mobile device
  • Bags that float
  • Headlamp for smooth sailing in the dark
  • Camera to record memories

In a nutshell, sailors need waterproof equipment that covers them from head to toe and protects their gadgets, such as phones and cameras.

Waterproof gear is a great Christmas present for those who have just started to learn the ropes. Novice sailors may not consider bringing extra gloves or waterproof socks to their adventures.

Traditional Navigation Kit

Professional Mariners Navigation Kit. Photo by @@weems&plath

Electronic navigation has been a game-changer for sailors. However, traditional nautical tools and instruments such as compasses, sextants, and binoculars are still all the rage.

While out in the sea, it's better to be prepared. When modern technology fails, sailors can still rely on old-school navigation techniques.

Marine chart plotting kits featuring protractor triangles, dividers, parallel rulers, marine sextants, and magnifiers help get around on the map.

Book a Charter Experience

What can you get for a Christmas to a sailor that already has everything?

An opportunity to create new memories is the best gift for experienced sailors that have all the gear or specific equipment preferences.

Need a charter suggestion for a sea less sailed?

Croatia is a hidden gem for sailors. With over a thousand islands in such close proximity to each other to explore, sailing is safe even for those unfamiliar with the area.

Calmer winds compared to other parts of the globe allow smooth sailing as the sailor explores the picturesque Croatian coastline and discovers spots rich with historical heritage.

Enjoying the Charter Experience

Gifts For Sailors Under $50

We've handpicked a couple of additional budget-friendly options for the final round of gift ideas for sailors on Christmas. They include:

  • Cork keychain - this floating keyring makes a subtle difference between keys that sink to the bottom of the sea and those rising to the surface
  • Printed map of the local sailing area – nautical charts are helpful for navigation on the boat and beautiful when framed on the wall
  • Cup holder - adjustable drink holders last a lifetime and secure cups and cans in a fast-paced boat environment
  • Books about sailing - there are many guides, books covering different knot-tying techniques, stories about cruising adventures
The best sailing books

If In Doubt, Choose Practical Christmas Gifts For Sailors

Try to find out what your giftee already has or needs to avoid the white elephant on Christmas eve.

If that ship has already sailed (you can't ask without revealing you're buying a gift), go for safe (expendable) choices such as gloves.

Practical, handy gifts that your favourite sailor can't have enough of are always welcome. That includes versatile waterproof gear that gets worn out over time or lost in the sea.

Another option is to book them a charter experience. Want to send your favourite sailor out on an adventure? Now is the perfect time to book.

Explore your charter options here.

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