Balt 918 Titanium - Discover the Croatian Islands With This Economic Motorboat Named Wanderer

Balt 918 Titanium - Discover the Croatian Islands With This Economic Motorboat Named Wanderer

Do you want to rent a motorboat for a vacation, but most options are too costly, or will have your friends or family packed in like sardines?

Then, there are also raging gas prices to think about.

The Balt 918 Titanium is a cruising boat designed for people who value functionality, smart spatial solutions, maneuvrability, and saving money.

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Why is this unique motorboat a popular choice for exploring thousands of isles scattered in the Croatian archipelago?

Here is our inside-out guide to Balt 918 Titanium. We cover dimensions, interior, equipment, entertainment, and more.

Unparalleled Choice For Island Hopping In Croatia

At first glance at its specifications, Balt 918 resembles a sailboat. However, this motorboat is 9,86 m wide, with a 3 m beam and a comparably smaller draft (0,49 m).

The Balt allows anchoring closer to the coast, and it’s easy to maneuvre in narrow ports due to the stern and bow thruster.

It’s built for crews that prioritise comfort and want to discover all the hidden corners of the Adriatic Sea on their motor yacht charter in Croatia.

As you explore Croatia, soak up the view from a comfortable external sitting area on the front side of the boat.

Balt 918 Titanium Wanderer

Economical Motorboat

Lower fuel spending is yet another reason why many people are drawn to Balt 918 Titanium.

The motorboat runs on a Yanmar 80 Hp engine, and its average cruising speed is 7 knots (maximum 9 knots). Going at 7 knots, it uses less than 4 l/h – meaning you can travel 350 nm with a single tank of gas and 15% reserve. The roof features a solar panel, providing longer battery life while on a cruise.

Bigger On the Inside

Most motorboats are limited to one or two cabins. The Balt 918 features three cabins – including a master cabin and two double cabins. The space is ideal for a comfortable holiday for maximum 6 friends or a family.

The standing height of the interior is 193 m. So even taller crew members won’t have to bend their heads as they go from one cabin to the next.

The Comfort of a Home

The inner saloon, consisting of a helmsman seat, kitchen block, seating area and front bench, lets in a lot of natural light through glazed windows that also provide shelter during unfavourable weather.

Draw the curtains if it gets too bright.

The boat has everything you might need. Including:

  • A/C for rapid cooling in the summer (power 220V)
  • Bow thruster
  • Stern thruster
  • Bathing platform
  • Autopilot
  • Heating
  • Inverter
  • Electric toilet
  • Underwater lights
  • GPS charter plotter
  • TV 


Visit one of the three sleeping cabins hidden under the deck with double beds, full-size berths and cabinet storage. Rest on the bed in the master cabin (202x140 cm) or take a nap on the side cabin’s bed (203x128 cm).

Freshen up at the sanitary cabin complete with a toilet, sink, shower, heating and ventilation.


The kitchen is placed at the heart of the boat, at the upper level. Stock up the pantry, fridge (60l) and freezer (15l) before you go. Utensils, a sink and a Nespresso machine, are already waiting for you.

The motorboat has everything you need to feel at home hidden in its many strategically placed compartments. Even the front bench transforms into a passenger seat with the swift folding of the backrest.

Smart Design

Semi-planning design enables the boat to achieve more speed and makes it easy to maneuvre.

Inspired by the principle “less is more” of the renowned architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the design is limited to essentials – leaving no space for unnecessary features or details.

Balt 918 Titanium "Wanderer"

Built in 2021 at the Balt Yacht shipyard, with its elegant and timeless design and smart spatial solutions, the boat is bound to become a modern classic.

Want to Get More Out of a Boat Trip?

The motorboat is equipped with a dinghy (2,5m) and a compatible outboard engine (2,5hp). Rent the underwater scooter or diving set to explore the depths of the Adriatic Sea. For those with strong core muscles – we also rent a stand-up paddle (SUP).

Should You Rent Balt 918 Titanium?

Balt 918 Titanium is a spacious motorboat that’s easy to maneuvre – without fuel costing you an arm and a leg.

From the moment you stand on its sturdy wide deck to the moment you disembark, the Balt will glide you from point A to point B and the adventure that awaits in between.

Embark on the voyage.

Got Questions? Ask Our Team!

As your worries slip away and the calmness of the sea replaces them with ease, you’ll find a temporary home with your favourite people on the glistening sea.

Not sure about taking the helm for your first motorboat charter? No worries, because you can always go sailing in Croatia with a skipper. That’s something we can organise for you.

Where do you sign up?

You’ll find Balt 918 Titanium - Wanderer docked at Bruneko Charter at the Tankerkomerc marina in Zadar, Croatia – the only place in Croatia where the boat is available for rent.

Get in touch with our experienced team if you have any further questions or wish to rent the motorboat for your holiday. We’re happy to assist.

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