Yacht vacation for body, mind, and soul

You have decided to go sailing for your vacation in Croatia. Started searching online, looked offers, and find so many different types of boats out there that choosing the right boat seems like it will be a difficult decision.

Before looking for a boat you should answer a few basic questions that will help you narrow down the choices depending on your preferences, desired location, number of crew, equipment which boat must-have, and the budget.

yachts parked in bay

The first step in choosing a boat is which kind of boat you want to rent. Sailboat or motorboat?

A smaller motorboat is a bit easier to maneuver while you will need a little more experience to operate a larger motorboat. The sailboat is very manageable but also sluggish. If you haven't gone through some kind of skipper training, we wouldn't recommend it to a beginner.

The motorboat is designed to accommodate a smaller crew, while the sailboat will be much easier to accommodate bigger crews.

Then the second step is to decide with how many cabins and toilets you need a boat.

An important piece of information before looking for a boat to rent. Mostly because if you are going on holiday with friends and there is not just one family on board sharing toilets between multiple crew members can be uncomfortable.

When choosing the number of cabins, pay attention to the fact that the stern cabins on most sailboats are the most comfortable. A cabin with bunk beds is more suitable for children than taller people, so if you do not want to offend any of your friends, consider their accommodation in such cabins. The option of +2 berths, is mostly meant for accommodation in the saloon. The bed itself is a decent size and you have the opportunity to watch TV from bed, but don't forget that you are on the way to all the crew members and that the one who uses the salon is usually the last to fall asleep, but that's why they wake up first.

If you have decided to book a sailboat you will notice that they are offered two types of sails classic mainsail and roll mainsail. Both systems are fairly easy to use. The classic mainsail offers greater square footage and better shape while the roll mainsail offers easier handling and the ability to sail with fewer crews.

When choosing between a cruiser (Impression line, Bavaria cruiser), or a cruiser-racer (E line). Be aware that although the E line is significantly faster on sails and gives a little more adrenaline, it could be a little "worse" for members of the fairer sex due to slightly smaller water tanks, smaller bathrooms, and smaller sunbathing areas. So, dear "Seawolves", be prepared that not everyone will share your admiration for match race victories.

The Impression line, like a real family cruiser, offers a lot of space, bigger tanks of water, larger refrigerators, and a spacious sunbathing area.

On the other hand, it doesn’t sail badly, but it’s still not a racer so you probably won’t experience those looks of envy because you’ve dominated someone from sailing. But… a large cockpit, lots of cold drinks in the fridges, and a bathing platform the size of a smaller dock combined with a large bimini guarantee a dignified relaxation.

The third step is a budget decision. Decide the budget which you are willing to spend and look for boats in that range.

Start gathering all the boat offers and opt for the option that meets all your requirements and needs. Newer boats will be more expensive than older boats. Price will warry depending on build year, the number of cabins, and boat equipment. As boats with air-conditioning, generators, solars are more expensive than boats without it. Big saloon, cockpit place, and swimming platform are the things you should pay special attention to.

One thing is for sure whatever boat you choose you will have a great time. Our fleet is superbly equipped. You just have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each offered available boat and choose the one that suits your needs. Enjoy the long-awaited vacation!