South Route - 7 Days

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Day 1

Zadar - Ždrelac

For the first day, we would recommend a short drive to the nearby place to stay the night like Sutomišćica, Kukljica, and Ždrelac.

In case you will stay in Marina we recommend a leisurely walk to visit the sights of Zadar (The Sea organ, Greeting to the Sun, Church of St. Donat, Museums (Museum of Ancient Glass, Museum of Illusions, Captain's Tower…) and have a nice Mediterranean dinner in restaurants such as Proto, Giardin, Bruscheta, Pet bunara, Kornat or Foša will surely brighten up your evening. Enjoy, your well-deserved vacation has begun.

Our recommendation is to buy an online ticket for NP Kornati at: (for easier booking each boat has its code with all required boat info which you will receive in the boarding pass)

The benefits are that you can buy it up to a day before you plan to go to NP Kornati, so you can more easily plan your trip given the weather and adjust accordingly.

NOTE: Have cash with you because there is no possibility of cashless payment on the Kornati islands.

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Day 2

Ždrelac - Vrgada - Kakanj/Kaprije

The goal is the islands of Kakanj and Kaprije. We descend to the south, passing along the island of Ugljan, then along the island of Pašman, and through the Biograd Gate, one of the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic Sea.

If you decide to take a swim break on any of the islands, watch out for sea currents (especially near the “island of love”- a hart shaped island – Galešnjak).

The island of Vrgada is a place where we stop for a break (depending on the wind, choose an anchorage, and the possibilities are:

  • Along the island of Artina - shallow sand anchorage with an attractive scenery of Vrgada (beach bar nearby)
  • In front of the bay of Sv. Andrija – a quiet shallow bay, where you can eat the best hamburger within 20 NM (access only by dinghy)
  • Kranje bay – a bay with buoys and a small restaurant

After a stop we continue towards Kaprije (and Kakanj), you will pass over the Murter Sea, where it will probably wind blow a little stronger… enjoy, you are on a boat. =)

It is up to you to choose between the small village of Kaprije (on the island of Kaprije) and the anchorage along the island of Kakanj (islets of Borovnjaci).

Kaprije - a small place with mooring, electricity, shop, several bars, and restaurants.

Kakanj (Borovnjaci) - buoys between islets with turquoise sea color

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Day 3

Kakanj/Kaprije - Šibenik - Krka(Skradin)

Today, something new is planned - by the river Krka upstream.

We are heading towards Šibenik - the passage through the channel of St. Anthony, one of the most beautiful sea approaches in the Mediterranean.

Šibenik is a city of fortresses, beautiful cathedrals, with beautiful alleys for walks. You can dock for a few hours on the Šibenik waterfront (Šibenska Riva).

You are in the canyon of the river Krka, two and a half-hour drive awaits you (except on Lake Prokljan, sailing is not allowed)

There are three possibilities for overnight stays in Skradin:

  • ACI marina Skradin - marina with all the benefits of ACI marina
  • City port of Skradin - a berth in the city without a toilet
  • Uvala and restaurant Vidrovača - a berth on the pontoon of the restaurant, the restaurant offers the option of transport to the city

There are several restaurants and bars in the city of Skradin.

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Day 4

Skradin - NP Kornati

The town of Skradin is the starting point for a trip to the Krka National Park.

A visit to the national park can be by boat (not yours), on foot, or by bike.

Due to a large number of visitors, we recommend going on a trip with the first boats (around 08:00) or during lunch.

After visiting the national park, we return to the sea… while descending towards Šibenik, stopping at one of the shellfish farms and getting fresh shellfish for lunch on board.

Make a break at the fortress of St. Nicholas in the channel of St. Anthony. Continue towards NP Kornati, the goal is the extreme south of the archipelago, i.e the islet of Smokvica or Žakanj or the bay of Opat on the island of Kornati (all 3 locations offer the option of dinner in a restaurant).

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Day 5

NP Kornati – Lojena bay-Sali

Through the Kornati archipelago, we progress towards Dugi Otok.

The Kornati is a "paradise for sailors" and in the day ahead you will sail through one of the most beautiful islands and in addition to beautiful nature you can visit the "pirate village", the fortress of Toreta, or the church of Our Lady of Tarca.

Swimming on the sandy beach in Lojena bay or climbing to the highest peak (Metlina 237 m) from Strižnje bay.

At the end of a day like this, go to Sali in one of the restaurants, enjoy the fish, and be sure to drink at least one round in the bar of all sailors – Maritimo.

NOTE: In Sali, you will get 2 separate bills for embroidery, don't worry it's not a scam but a bureaucratic mess)

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Day 6

Sali – Knežak/Iž

The first break is between the islands of Krava and Krknata.

The island of Iž is next, swimming is between the islet of Knežak and the island of Iž. You can easily reach Knežak with a buoy by dinghy.

For dinner you can:

  • stay on the buoy on your boat
  • Go by dinghy to dinner in Iž
  • go by boat to the port of Komoševo
  • go by boat to the marina IŽ
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Day 7

Knežak/Iž – Frnaža Bay - Zadar

Boats less than 40 feet (mast height up to 17m) can reach Zadar bypassing the island of Ugljan from the north and the south side (PASSING UNDER THE ŽDRELAC BRIDGE).

Larger boats can reach Zadar exclusively by passing from the NW side ACROSS THE STRAIT BETWEEN THE ISLANDS OF UGLJAN AND IDUL.

After leaving Iz, on the way to Zadar, there are several small bays suitable for swimming:

  • Svitla Bay
  • Suha Bay
  • Pavlešina Bay
  • Bay Mostir
  • Ćinta Bay
  • Frnaža Bay
  • Sabuša Bay
  • Kostanj Bay

After swimming, return to the homeport, refuel, and hand over the boat to the staff from the base.

Skipper, bravo another week is behind you, the last maneuver is over, it's time to drink something cold end enjoy dinner somewhere in the city.