North Route - 14 Days

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Day 1

Zadar - Otok Galovac

For the beginning, we would recommend a short drive to the nearby place to stay the night like Otok Galovac, Preko, and Poljana.

If you decide to stay first overnight in Marina, late afternoon you can use it for exploring Zadar Old Town.

Leisurely walk to visit the sights of Zadar (The Sea organ, Greeting to the Sun, Church of St. Donat, Museums (Museum of Ancient Glass, Museum of Illusions, Captain's Tower…) and have a nice Mediterranean dinner in restaurants such as Proto, Giardin, Bruscheta, Pet bunara, Kornat or Foša will surely brighten up your evening.

Our recommendation is to buy an online ticket for NP Kornati at: (for easier booking each boat has its code with all required boat info which you will receive in the boarding pass)

The benefits are that you can buy it up to a day before you plan to go to NP Kornati, so you can more easily plan your trip given the weather and adjust accordingly.

NOTE: Have cash with you because there is no possibility of cashless payment on the Kornati islands.

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Day 2

Otok Galovac - Vrgada - Kakanj/Kaprije

Although our plan is to go north, we first head south, because the beauties of the Kornati archipelago are something we simply have to visit.

The first stage of our little adventure is a little longer… the goal is the islands of Kakanj and Kaprije.

We descend to the south, passing along the island of Ugljan, then along the island of Pašman, and through the Biograd Gate, one of the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic Sea.

If you decide to take a swim break on any of the islands, watch out for sea currents (especially near the “island of love”- a hart shaped island – Galešnjak).

The island of Vrgada is a place where we stop for a break (depending on the wind, choose an anchorage, and the possibilities are:

  • Along the island of Artina - shallow sand anchorage with an attractive scenery of Vrgada (beach bar nearby)
  • In front of the bay of Sv. Andrija – a quiet shallow bay, where you can eat the best hamburger within 20 NM (access only by dinghy)
  • Kranje bay – a bay with buoys and a small restaurant

After a stop we continue towards Kaprije (and Kakanj), you will pass over the Murter Sea, where it will probably wind blow a little stronger… enjoy, you are on a boat. =)

It is up to you to choose between the small village of Kaprije (on the island of Kaprije) and the anchorage along the island of Kakanj (islets of Borovnjaci).

Kaprije - a small place with mooring, electricity, shop, several bars, and restaurants.

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Day 3

Kakanj/Kaprije - Kornati - Sali

Headed to the north, to start through the passage between the island of Smokvica and the island of Kornat we enter the NP Kornati. The Kornati archipelago is often called a paradise for boaters, see why. Enjoy sailing among the many islands or swimming in the crystal-clear sea.

We go through the Kornati towards the place Sali (if you are more motorized, you can also stop in the bay Telaščica)

The halls offer you the possibility of shopping, water, electricity replenishment, and going out to one of the picturesque restaurants.

The easiest way out of the Kornati archipelago is through the gateway of Mala Proversa. (Between Dugi Otok and the island of Katina)

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Day 4


Through the middle channel, we advance towards the last goal of the day, the bay Saharun (if the forecast is strong Jugo, instead of the bay Saharun, you should stop in the bay Pantera.

Along the way, you can choose between many islands and bays such as Krknata and Krava, Paladinica bay, Ovča bay, Dumboka bay, Bokašin bay, visits to bunkers for boats near Božava, swimming in Dobra bay.

Saharun Bay (with buoys) is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

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Day 5

Saharun/Pantera-Premuda - Susak/Mali Lošinj

After breakfast, we head to the only sandy island in the Adriatic - Susak

If you are a diving fan, stop at the Lagnjići island and dive along the wreck of the Mikaela boat. When anchoring, pay attention to the sea current, which is about 2 knots

A break on the way to Susak is on the island of Premuda, buoys along with the islands of Bračić, Sika and Mazarine are a good choice for a lunch break or a little more diving (Cave "Katedrala").

Susak with its sandy bays and small, picturesque place is one of the favorite destinations of many boaters.

If you have low supplies of water and electricity, instead of the Susak go to the town of Mali Lošinj. Mali Lošinj has a marina and many restaurants, a museum Apoxyomenos, nice nature)

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Day 6

Susak/Mali Lošinj – Pula

We are going to Pula, crossing Kvarner, check the weather forecast before the start, Kvarner will quickly turn from a beauty into a beast. :-)

Watch out for the shoals near the magnificent Porer lighthouse.

Apart from Aci marina Pula, it is possible to dock in Tehnomont marina Veruda (Verudela bay).

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Day 7

Pula - NP Brijuni - Rovinj

Today we have two gems on the schedule - NP Brijuni and the city of Rovinj.

On the way to Rovinj, we stop at NP Brijuni. An organized trip through the national park is a guarantee of the best experience of the whole park.

At the end of the trip, we continue towards Rovinj. ACI marina Rovinj is your haven for the next night.

If you want to take a break from navigation and broad, you can either from Pula or Rovinj by organized transport to Faszana from where you have organized trips to Brijuni.

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Day 8

Rovinj - Medulin

We head south, this is the northernmost point of our trip, for a start we descend towards Medulin. Tonight, we sleep on a buoy and not in the marina.

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Day 9

Medulin - Cres

We are heading towards the town of Cres on the island of the same name. About 4 hours of navigation. Cres does not have many available berths, so it is good to contact the port authorities to reserve a place.

Cres is a small town with a beautiful center that testifies to a rich history

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Day 10

Cres - Osor - Kvarner

Waking up before 06:00 (at least for the skipper) because the Osor bridge opens at 9.00 and we are at 20 nm from the bridge.

Passing through Osor, we approach the point of the cross and the southeastern part of the island of Cres one of the pearls of the Kvarner. In one of the many bays find your peace and enjoy a day of swimming and enjoying nature. In this part of the Adriatic, expect dolphins who like to visit boaters.

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Day 11

Kvarner - Krk

Today's destination is Punat on the island of Krk, the marina in the town of the same name is well equipped and, in the town, you can find everything you need to continue your journey.

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Day 12

Krk - Goli Otok - Rab

Something completely different, we descend towards Goli otok. There used to be a prison and considering the different views of the island (Goli means naked), it invites us to visit. After a trip around the island, we go to the island of Rab. From the SE side, we come to the town of Rab.

Surrounded by a rampart the town of Rab is a town with four bell towers.

ACI Marina Rab is your haven in the night ahead. Numerous restaurants and a beautiful promenade guarantee relaxation.

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Day 13

Rab - Silba

It's time to start back south. After a night in the marina, the road to the island of Silba awaits us. Longest navigation this week. 25 NM of navigation is required to reach the port of Silba. On the island of Silba, in addition to the town (port) of Silba, it is possible to spend the night in the bay of Sv. Ante, and on the island, there are several beautiful beaches, many of which are accessible only from the sea.

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Day 14

Silba - Molat - Zadar

From Silba we go to the island of Molat and the bay Jaz. In a beautiful bay, there is a pier for a dinghy. From there the trail takes you to Molat after 10 minutes.

There is 16 NM left to Zadar, on the island of Ugljan there are a couple of small bays for a shortstop for swimming (Mostir, Ćinta, Frnaža).

It's time to go back to our base.

Refuel, our staff is waiting for you.

Skipper, bravo, the last maneuver is over, the beer that follows is the sweetest!

… And don't worry check out doesn't hurt at all