According to Croatian maritime law, at least one person on the boat (skipper) must possess a valid license to operate a boat or yacht (skipper license) issued by the competent state authority.

In addition to the skipper's license, it is required to have a VHF / Radio license. As for VHF / Radio licenses, there is no special requirement only condition is that skipper or any of the members on the boat must possess it.

Skipper licenses recognized by Croatia authority you can check at the following link:

If your license is not listed, then you do not possess the required license to rent a boat or yacht in Croatia. It is possible to take the exam at the Port Authority in Zadar( and obtain a skipper or VHF license. Exams are usually organized two times a week on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Note: You must have the original license with you on board. Don’t forget to take them with you. 😉

Tickets can be purchased:

Tickets are charged only for boats, regardless of the number of the people on it.

Ticket prices for NP Kornati depend on the length of the vessel, the number of days your boat is in the park, and the month you are visiting:

Tickets prices and fees during the whole year:

It depends how hight is the mast of the boat.

Ždrelac bridge is high 16 m, if it is not some extreme case of tides our boats which can pass under bridge are all Elan Imp.40, Elan Imp.40.1, Bavaria 34, Elan E4, Swift Trawler 42, Antares 10,80 and Quicksilver 855 all other boats have mast over 16m, and it is not possible to pass.

Please keep that in mind and don’t be like those who dared:

All our boats are insured against damage.

Boats engaged in charter service must be insured by the law.

Firstly, calm down, the most important thing is that your whole crew is well.

Contact our base manager Edi. Explain the situation, and he will guide you on what to do next.

If there was contact between two boats important is to write down the data from the other boat and stay in touch with him.

In case the damage was minor, it is wisest to agree with the base managers to agree on direct payment on board between clients.

As when you go to report damage, you need a report from the captain, which entails misdemeanor proceedings and a fine of about 500 euros, which is in most cases more expensive than the damage itself.

Paid and secured car parking is possible directly in Marina.

The first hour of parking is free of charge, and after that, every next hour is 12 kn. Price for the whole day is 12 euros per car.

(Prices for parking are subject to change depending on the Marina pricelist)

Reservation of the parking place is not possible.

At the entrance to the Marina is a ramp with a ticket issuing device.

With that ticket on the way out, you are paying for staying time in Marina.

Marina Staff is charging parking fees.

In case you don't have internet try restarting the router. If that didn’t help, contact our base.

Please keep in mind that in some areas like the NP Kornati signal coverage is not good hence we cannot influence that.

All our boats are equipped with routers for network connection.

The boat is equipped with the number of lifejackets for which it is registered (maximum number). According to the law, lifejackets must always remain on board. Nevertheless, if fewer persons are present on board.

Yes, they are included.

For all bookings after 01.01.2021. outboard engine and dinghy are included in the transit log.

Included outboard engine is Honda 2,3 HP.


We would recommend preordering it and delivered straight to the boat from JAM JACHT SUPPLY ( OR EASY WAY (

It is possible to buy it online on Ministry of Agriculture web page:

A license can be valid for 1, 3 of 7 days and you need to choose a fishing zone.

DAMAGE WAIVER: 200 euro (non-refundable) + 100 euro (refundable) by cash - does not cover loss of Tender, Outboarder, or other Equipment.

Yes, you can. If you don’t have a license or want to sail without worry you can choose the option to book a professional skipper.

The skipper is responsible for sailing and navigation. They are knowledgeable and experienced in local spots, hidden sights, and restaurants. According to your wishes offers advice for choosing the best sailing route to your liking. Responsible for the safety of the passengers and boat during the whole trip.

Don’t worry if you are with the skipper, as you will have enough space and privacy to enjoy your vacation.

Have the desire to learn? The skipper will show and explain to you the basics. You will assist with sails, mourning, and learning by watching.

Keep in mind when you hire a skipper you need to count one extra person on board and provide a cabin for accommodation. Also, it means considering one more person to feed for the entire duration of your trip.

You will need to consider the skipper when buying supplies.

The skipper fee is around 150€ per day depending on boat length and other factors.