Choosing the right boat for your vacaton

Imagine waking up on your private yacht. Mesmerizing sound and nature surrounding you. Alone in a peaceful bay.

Have breakfast on the deck, and when temperatures rise jump in the turquoise waters. Vacation on a yacht will awaken all of your senses sparkle with new sights.

3 people jumping of the boat

Mental breaks increase productivity, replenish attention and encourage creativity. At sea, every day is a new and exciting experience created by your itinerary and changeable according to your wishes.

Flexibility is the best advantage of a yacht vacation. With a yacht you will be able to explore new spots daily, therefore you are not tied to one place only. You can go wherever you want on time when you want. There arent any endless queues as in an urban environment.

With a large range of captivating history, cristal clear sea, dazzling natural beauty, and delicious healthy Mediterranean food it is truly simple to fall in love with Croatia. To explore the Adriatic Sea most thoroughly is simply possible with a yacht. Once onboard the possibilities are endless.

We offer a variety of new yachts for a maximum of 10 persons on board. Check out our offer.

Reward yourself at least once a year to turn the world off, all the news, and just relax to enjoy life and appreciate the time spent with dear ones. Memories will make you smile for years to come. It is the little things that matter the most.

With more than 28 years of experience within the charter business, we strive to meet your wishes and provide you with the best possible yacht sailing experience in Zadar.

Enjoy the magnificent views in Croatia that will forever remain in your memory!